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Education and Experience Background

As a student at the State University of New York (SUNY), John worked in the college computer lab for two years assisting other students with high level programming language projects.  Early on, John had a desire to interact with people to provide technical services.

After graduation in 1987, John began working for SUNY on medical research projects funded by the University of Buffalo Medical School.  He was responsible for medical diagnostic equipment calibrations, repairs and maintenance as well as microcomputer based data collection and statistical analysis of human pulmonary research experiments.  John learned MS DOS and wrote various DOS based programs in “Fortran 77”, which performed real time analog to digital data collection and statistical analysis.  After two years, John’s research team published four medical research journal articles.

In 1989, John continued as a medical research technician for the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Buffalo, New York.  This was an extension of his previous research position, and provided insight into federal government operations.

Due to limited upward mobility potential in the Educational/Government field, John took a job as a computer repair technician with PCR Personal Computer Rentals, in Dallas Texas. Over the next two years, John became an expert PC configuration and repair technician with IBM, Compaq and Apple hardware.

In 1991, John took a position with a CSSI: Computer Support Services (now Buchanan Associates), a network consulting and training firm in Irving Texas.  Hired for his PC repair skills and a strong aptitude for networking, John studied hard and became a Certified NetWare Engineer (CNE) in 1992.  Awarded for generating the most billable hours in one year, John was promoted to major accounts project manager.  Subsequently, John designed, implemented and managed major network system implementations for American Airlines, The Associates, Caltex Petroleum and Citizens Utilities.

In 1993, John turned down a promotion to director, for a position with Sprint as a Systems Integrator.  While at Sprint, John worked on a team of world-class engineers who researched, designed and implemented new technologies for Sprints programming division in Irving Texas.  Learning from the best, he gained valuable enterprise network experience as well as an inside perspective into large corporate operations.  At Sprint, John was a lead NetWare engineer and gained extensive expertise with WAN and internet protocol communications, sophisticated routing and switching systems, large scale e-mail systems, Unix and NT systems and large project implementations.  John’s formal training at Sprint included Project Management for IT Professionals, Problem Solving and Logic, Lotus Notes System Administration, Citrix WinView Administration, cc:Mail System Administration, Windows NT Server in the Enterprise and Network General Sniffer Protocol Analysis and Troubleshooting.

In late 1995, one of John’s old clients from CSSI presented him with an opportunity to start his own business.  Computer Learning Centers (CLC), a national computer-training corporation was expanding into Texas and planed to open schools in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.  John quit his job at Sprint and Incorporated ANET: Adaptive Network Enterprise Technologies, Inc.

Over the next year, John successfully designed and implemented the entire computer network system for all three CLC schools, under budget.  The project scope included over 2000 category 5 cabling drops, extensive communications rack and wire management systems, over 50 NetWare servers, over 1500 Windows workstations and over 70 concentrator hubs.

While ANET developed additional customers, John consulted as a Network Engineering and Management Instructor, independently re-writing CLC’s national CNE certification training curriculum.  This curriculum improved CLC’s student certification exam passing rate from 20% to 80%.   Between 1997 and 2000, ANET assisted many of CLC’s 30 schools around the county with various IT projects including the implementation of inter-school T1 VPN data communications, network security and a national e-mail system.

Since 1995, John has grown ANET to over 300 customers and has managed many similar implementations, continually re-educating on current networking technologies.      

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