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Fiber Optic Internet / Voice over IP Connectivity

Client Type: University

Project Overview: Design and implement solution for Internet connectivity to campus dorm rooms.  


  • University T1 Internet services located in main campus administration building, over 1000 feet from dorm buildings.
  • University campus was heavily wooded and built on solid rock.
  • Dorm buildings were constructed with solid ceilings.


  • Contracted a directional underground boring company to install a 1000-foot conduit through solid rock, between dorms and the main campus building.
  • Installed 96 strands of fiber between main campus building and first dorm building.
  • Distributed 4 strands of fiber from the first dorm building, to each of the remaining 19 dorm buildings.
  • Installed 2 data cable drops to each of 12 dorm rooms, in 20 different dorm buildings (480 drops).
  • Installed extensive surface raceway for cabling, as dorm walls are inaccessible.
  • Installed 24 port 10/100 switches, with fiber optic transceivers, to each dorm building.
  • Routed voice and data traffic from each dorm room, to the Internet and campus PBX, via point-to-point TCP/IP switch port connections.


  • Provided each dorm room with an Internet connection.
  • Provided each dorm room with a voice over IP extension on the campus PBX.

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