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Turnkey NetWare Network Training Implementation

Client Type: National Computer Training School

Project Overview: Design and implement complete turnkey network systems for three new schools.


  • Implement turnkey administrative and student network systems for three new schools simultaneously.
  • Design NetWare server configuration for new training program.
  • Provide isolated classroom networks for (CNE) Certified Novell Engineer training.
  • Provide an isolated administrative network for confidential company information.
  • Provide the ability to centrally administer the entire network.
  • Improve company’s unsatisfactory student certification exam passing rate.


  • Installed communications racks for data communications and server equipment in each school.
  • Install all over 300 cable drops in each school.
  • Utilized 3Com switches with multiple (VLAN) Virtual LAN configurations to isolate student and administrative networks.
  • Installed 12 NetWare servers in each school: one for company’s administrative network, one for the main student network, and one test server in each of 10 classrooms.
  • Designed and implemented a common NetWare Directory Services organizational structure and nomenclature for each school.
  • Install over 300 Windows network workstations in each school.
  • Developed and implemented a new CNE training curriculum.


  • Successfully implemented network designs in all three schools, on time.
  • Improved student CNE certification exam passing rate, from 20% to 80%.
  • Reduced network administration by 50%, by implementing VLAN’s instead of physically separate classroom networks.

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