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Wireless LAN Solution

Client Type: Manufacturing Company

Project Overview: Design and implement LAN connectivity solution for conference room sales meetings and warehouse inventory.


  • Physical cabling is cost prohibitive
  • Warehouse size exceeds physical cabling distance limitation.
  • Warehouse construction makes physical cabling very difficult and expensive.
  • Must comply with company’s high network security policy.


  • Designed wireless network solution for conference room and warehouse areas.
  • Surveyed building and installed wireless access points at strategic conference room and warehouse locations.
  • Installed wireless network interface cards to all sales and warehouse employee computers.
  • Implemented MAC address access lists and 128-bit encrypted wireless network login security.


  • Provided LAN and Internet conference room access to entire sales department at a fraction of the cost of physically wired connections.
  • Improved the accuracy of real time inventory status, while reducing the inventory update and control process time by 40%.

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